Fish Tank Electrics

To use this tool: Simply fill in your aquarium length, width and height and you should get the following results:

  • Light Requirements: The light power you need for your aquarium. At first you'll get a recommended (see chart bellow) watt-per-liter power, and you can change it if you want (for example if you have a low-tech aquarium with less lighting requirements).
  • Filter: What kind of filter you need for your fish tank - liters-per-hour.
  • Heater: The power your heater should have - watt.
  • Heater Cable: The length of the heating cable that match your aquarium dimensions.

Recommended Watt-per-Liter

When you fill in your aquarium dimensions, you will get the recommended lighting power, this is based on Takashi Amano's tanks as shown here: